After the huge success of Office10, Microsoft recently introduced the preview version of the luring Office 13. The preview build is available for download to the users by the name Office 365 Consumer preview.The full version of the package is scheduled to release with Windows 8 later this year.

features of microsoft office 2013

features of microsoft office 2013

Striking Features Of Microsoft Office 2013:

All new touch interface

Features Of Microsoft office 2013This is the first time in history that the Redmond Giant’s   Office 13 suite is designed by keeping desktop and touch screen devices in mind especially when its new OS Windows 8 is just a few months away from its launch.

The new touch interface has the same user Interface but has a radial menu for the tools like color adjustment, taking and editing pics etc. You can use your finger or a stylus for accessing the touch.

Sky Drive

Features Of Microsoft office 2013Similar to what we call the Google Drive, the Cloud Features of Office utilize Microsoft’s Sky Drive. This will allow you to store a whooping 7GB of data which may include documents, images and a lot more…

Embracing Web Development

In an attempt to encourage attract the developers as well as the administrators; Microsoft has decided to use open web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript to build their add-ons. For the past two decades, the company offered only VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as a s/w to add more features in MS Office. Not done yet, Microsoft is also offering the Office Cloud App Model,which makes use of Web standards such as CSS, HTML, OAuth, REST and Microsoft’s own OData.

Microsoft has also set up a new Office developer centre to offer documentation, discussions, tutorials and samples with a view to help the developers getting started.Microsoft has also released“Napa” - a new browser-based developer environment code that can be used to add additional functionality to the Software Suite.

Edit Anywhere for FREE

Now with Office 13, you can edit your documents through any web browser by using a simplified version of Office for free.

Inheriting Skype

Office will feature the Skype calls over the phone or online owing to the purchase of Skype by Microsoft. This will enable conference calls and you can view and edit multiple documents at a time with other members in the group may be uploading or editing their documents.

Live Layout

This allows instant dropping of photos or images into our documents and editing their and having a word-wrap update in a flash of time.Smart fill function in Excel automatically fills out cells to match data found in previous rows or columns such as names, inventory, etc.

Office 13 saves even the last placement on an edited or read document so you can continue exactly where you left off by clicking on the “Pick where you left” pop-up.

Whats new in Microsoft Excel 2013 ?

Features Of Microsoft office 2013Power View Integration It supports interactive and explorative data design and visualization based on a Tabular data model. You will need to enable it from the Add-In menu in the Options section as Power View ships with Excel 13 as an Add-In.Once you generate a Power View report, the Excel sheet will be accompanied by a .RDLX file that will exist in the same folder as the sheet.

Whats new in Outlook 2013 ?

Features Of Microsoft office 2013People Card – A one-stop-shop for all contact details..!!You can see your contact’s happenings in the social word. It consists of the person’s name, contact details, firm details etc. Want to schedule a meeting with your colleague?? This feature allows you to instantly schedule a meeting with the contact’s in your People Card.

Whats new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Features Of Microsoft office 2013Create a MP4 VideoPP’ 10 allowed us to save your presentation to WMV video file format. But now with PowerPoint 13, you can also create you can also create MPEG-4 video out of your presentation. We all know that MP4 format is the most widely used and by saving your file as MP4, you can view it on many portable devices like the iPad, iPhone etc.

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