How To Find Product Key Of Any Software

How to find the product key of any software that you want..??
how to find product key

A product key is a unique identification number or code, used in software like operating systems and games, to prevent counterfeiting and piracy. This is a specific software program. For the most part, a product key operating system is an insignificant number, but when you need to re-install your OS, suddenly the product key becomes the code harder to find.

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Find Product Key Of Windows 7

A product key Windows 7 is needed to activate the system, format the Windows 7, or in the event of a system crash, re-installing Windows 7 on your computer. The case with previous Windows OS, like XP and Vista, is that you can find the product key by fiddling through the registry. While this is a risky practice, in Windows 7 you can not find the key, since it is encrypted. But do not despair. For every lock, there is a key and in this article, you will learn to find the product key of your Windows 7 PC.

How to find the product key of Windows 7

The product key number for Windows 7 is a alphanumeric pattern of 25 characters, divided into 5 groups of 5 characters each. It has the following format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Some facts about the product key of Windows 7:

* The product key used to activate the 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows 7

* Each key is unique for the OS it is bundled with, so it can be used to activate the same edition of Windows 7 that comes with, and can not be used to activate other editions. Key products are not interchangeable.

* Product keys are also unique to the version of Windows 7 (Ultimate, Premium, Basic, 32 or 64 bits). So if you are installing Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 Ultimate product key will not work.

* A retail Windows 7 OS per PC, hence one product key for a PC. So if you have more than one PC, to install Windows 7 on, you have to buy separately Windows 7 OS for each PC.

* A Family Pack Windows 7 edition is useful for multiple computers. Using such a product key, you can activate up to 3 computers at a time, with one edition of Windows 7 Family Pack.

* The OEM Windows 7 editions have different rules of usage, rather than retail editions of Windows 7, so an OEM Windows 7 product key can be used, only to activate a OEM copy of Windows 7, on the same computer, it first activated.

Ways to Find Windows 7 Product Key Number

Key Product Label

If Windows 7 was pre-installed on your computer when you bought it, then there is a product key sticker on the back, if it is a desktop. The label is on the bottom of a laptop or notebook. If you purchased a retail copy of Windows 7 software, then look in the software box or original packing of the software. It is a license included among other things, necessary Windows 7 paperwork. Do not miss this label. If you have purchased Windows 7 online at the Microsoft store, then the product number is on the confirmation email sent to your purchase.


You can use a program finder product key, which delves into the Windows Registry, and finds and decrypts the product key. There are many online free and premium software available. All you have to do is download the software (usually in a zip file.) And run it. Just follow the steps and the product key will be presented to you. Note that exactly one wrong digit or letter, makes the key useless. Some of the most popular software are Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, WinKeyFinder and WinGuggle. These programs are easy and simple to follow, if one does not work, download another. But make sure you are downloading the right program. The above mentioned software downloads are not endorsed by Microsoft or this website. User’s discretion recommended.

Request product key Microsoft

If Windows 7 is not installed on your PC, and you have the original installation disc of Windows 7, then you may request the product key from Microsoft at (800) 936-5700. This is a paid support number, which cost between $ 40 – $ 60 and will cost $ 10 to get a new product key issued. As long as you have an original Windows 7 software, there should be no problems, and the support will help you in the activation process. However, if for some reason you can not get a product key, then you have no choice but to buy a new copy of Windows 7 software.

Do not get confused between product key and product ID, found in the System Information page. With computers being unpredictable machines, and things keep documents secure software in one place. The small label with the product key on it, is important and can save you from buying a new Windows 7 software package. So if you are stuck with the “Windows Activation error 7: invalid product key” message, hopefully the above “how to find product key Windows 7″ ways proved useful.

How To Find Product Key Of Any Software

Now it has become much easier to find product key of any software that you want by searching just one keyword on Google. All you need to have is just an internet connection and you have half done with that.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the search field type

“Product name” 94FBR
eg. “dreamweaver” 94FBR

Step 3:Get the result

Find the product key in first search result and enjoy any software at free of cost.

The very first result appearing in Google search will contain the product key of software you were searched for.

How to find product key »How it works

Quite simple really. 94FBR is part of a Office 2000 Pro cd key that is widely
distributed as it bypasses the activation requirements of Office 2K Pro. By searching for
the product name and 94fbr, you guarantee two things. 1) The pages that are returned are
pages dealing specifically with the product you’re wanting a serial for. 2) Because 94FBR
is part of a serial number, and only part of a serial number, you guarantee that any page
being returned is a serial number list page. So this was all about “how to find product key of any software”

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  1. This method is not working, checkout “Bitdefender” 94FBR (Bitdefender is famous antivirus)

  2. or FCKGW which was the start of an infamous serial for winXP that still works

  3. This is only working for some software.

  4. Dreamweaver is not a microsoft product. Just saying.

    • Suumit Shah says:

      though it is not Microsofts product, still you can find the product key and even crack of that too with the help of above trick.
      Thank you buddy

  5. Googling any popular windows product does not provide a list of serial numbers.

  6. just searched for both firefox AND linux 94fbr, I get no relavent results, not even the first listing. ( -,-)

    • Suumit Shah says:

      actually firefox and LINUX , both are open source softwares dude..!!
      So searching for the keys of such softwares is none of work..!! those are freewares buddy..!!

    • Anonymous says:

      oh man! that’s really embarassing…

  7. well, its simple. to those who wasn’t able to do it, the 94fbr part is part of the serial number for that particular product, thus, you need to find a part of a serial number for your software, usually the first set tends to be universal for that product. try youtubing for the product serial, they usually show some of the serial. thus add that to your product name, and viola. Thanks to the writer, its a neat trick!

  8. Carlos Figueiredo says:

    it does not work for adobe acrobat pro

  9. It works.. :) thanks for the information..

  10. LOl @ “firefox AND linux 94fbr”, I see someone has a sense of humour.

    • Suumit Shah says:

      hello Mr.Stupid…..actually mozilla and linux are open source softwares so they dont need registration kind of thing…….so before going to search the product key of such softwares, make sure they are paid one..!! and olso hav some sense of humour..!!

      • Ethan was saying that the person searching “firefox AND linux 94fbr” was being sarcastic. I’m pretty sure he knows that Linux and Firefox are both open source, I certainly do. I will be trying this out, thank you for sharing.

        • I also tried on The GIMP, PostgreSQL, Chromium, and the entire LibreOffice suite. Complete failure. No product keys ANYWHERE! Doesn’t anybody crack these softwares?

          • Suumit Shah says:

            the softwares that you stated above, all are freewares (op0en source) so they dont need the product keys or cracks at all..!!

  11. Its working

  12. Great idea thanks. I’ve been looking up product keys using google for over 5 years, but this is a lot better than the method I was using.

  13. does not work for windows 7 home
    i am willing to trade a windows 7 ultimate activation key for a windows 7 home key

  14. Thaha Naleem says:

    Hi Shamil
    I need to Google Adsene Account and how to get that plz say me
    How to get this Account plz send my email

  15. That’s a naughty trick

  16. ow about the the key for “cdroller” pleeze n e 1

  17. Looks like there are a lot of pirates down here.

  18. edy gamed :D

  19. The only problem is that now malware producers are taking notice and placing “94fbr” in the subject line with popular product names. Safer solution: most torrents of a software will include a crack and or keygen. Find one you trust, then use your torrent client to download only the crack or keygen portion of the torrent. And then use security software to scan the download before opening, and scan your system after opening.

  20. Google translates “94fbr” by “crack” … (in my country at least)
    so you just have to add “-crack” in your query to exclude the word crack and make this trick work ;)

  21. Works for Google Chrome, Rhythmbox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, Inkscape, and Wine. Thanks!

  22. total bs, tried getting ms office with no success whatsoever

  23. it is realy good…tnx

  24. hi
    need to find a registration key for viewbox 3 software…wat do i do..can u help me

  25. Hey, this is awesome, thanks! Just used to to crack a rather new product I had as a trial.

  26. This post is reducing your blog’s credibility Sumit. The more you try to earn, the more un-subscriptions you get.

  27. nice article suumit

  28. 10 on 10…Read about that idiot asking for key of Mozilla…Lolz…

  29. Pratik Das says:

    i am very thankful to yuo for this trick i want to learn more of the tricks or knowledges that you have so please accept my frnd request on fb
    my fb

  30. LOL i am used google hacking trick and it’s worked :) .. thanks for the tips, Sumit Shah :D

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