Many times we fight with our close friends but we are not in position
to fight physically with them because of our physical strength so what to do in such a case? Many of us might think of doing some odd in their facebook or Gmail or even their computer account, but we don’t know exactly how to get their passwords.!. What to do in such wary situation? Many of my friends asking me about this that I want to see my friends account without knowing him/her. Don’t worry folks.!! you can do whatever you want to do in your friend’s computer.Today will see how to do all this.

To make this possible we just need IP address of your enemy/friend. So how to get IP address? Before getting IP address, let me give short introduction about the IP address to newbies. What actually this IP address is?

In non technical language IP (Internet Protocol) address is the door from which we can communicate with other computers. In our day to day like if you want to send message to your friend then you must know the mobile number of him/her. Similarly to communicate with the other computer we need the IP address of other computer. Each computer is assigned with the unique IP address when they are connected to internet. So how to get IP address of your friends computer? Don‘t worry it’s so simple to get IP address let’s see how you make fool to your friend.

How to get IP address of remote computer ?

There are many ways to get the IP address. You can get IP address by email tracking, while chatting. You can get IP address by looking into the header of the email.

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In “Show Original” option you will see the html format of the page. Take down the page at bottom, IP address which comes first from the bottom of the page will be the IP address of the victim’s computer means your friends computer, As simple as like that hey hey. There are some others options by which you can get the IP address of your friend’s computer. If are able to directly access your
friends computer then it’s so simple just go to start > run type “cmd” black window will appears type ipconfig their and enter IP address of the local computer will appear immediately there. Well now you have IP address of your friend computer.

Now you need Trojan. What is Trojans? Trojans are the self executable files. Once you are able to deploy these file into your friend computer then you can aces friend computer.

What you can do using trojens ?

•Open/close the CD-ROM once or in intervals (specified in seconds).
•Show optional image. If no full path of the image is given it will look for it in the Patch-
directory. The supported image-formats is BMP and JPG.
•Swap mouse buttons – the right mouse button gets the left mouse button’s functions and
vice versa.
•Start optional application.
•Play optional sound-file. If no full path of the sound-file is given it will look for it in the
Patch-directory. The supported sound-format is WAV.
•Point the mouse to optional coordinates. You can even navigate the mouse on the target
computer with your own.
•Show a message dialog on the screen. The answer is always sent back to you.
•Shutdown the system, logoff the user etc.
•Go to an optional URL within the default web-browser.
•Send keystrokes to the active application on the target computer. The text in the field ”Message/text” will be inserted in the application that has focus. (”|” represents enter).
• Listen for keystrokes and send them back to you.
• Get a screendump (should not be used over slow connections).
• Return information about the target computer.
• Upload any file from you to the target computer. With this feature it will be possible to remotely update Patch with a new version.
• Increase and decrease the sound-volume.
• Record sounds that the microphone catch. The sound is sent back to you.
•Make click sounds every time a key is pressed.
•Download and deletion of any file from the target. You choose which file you wish to download/delete in a view that represents the harddisks on the target.
•Keys (letters) on the keyboard can be disabled.
•Password-protection management.
•Show, kill and focus windows on the system.
•Find NetBus servers with the ultra-fast Port scanner.
•Redirect data on a specified TCP-port to another host and port.
•Redirect console applications I/O to a specified TCP-port (telnet the host at the specified port to interact with the application).
•Configure the server-exe with options like TCP-port and mail notification.
•Possibility to restrict access to only a few IP-numbers (but be prepared for IP-spoofing).

You can see the space for host name/IP to put IP address of the
victims computer. Just put the IP address of your friends computer and click on connect keep other places as it is. If it connect successfully then it will show the message “you are connected” . Now you can do anything with your friends computer. You can open CD ROM, you can show any porn image on his desktop. Just imagine if somebody is taking very important meeting or giving some presentation and if you show some porn image on his desktop while giving the presentation. If some of your friendaccessing his computer at dark night in his room and you start a horrible song with very loud sound how hilarious it is!!

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Guest article by Amit Wadhe

Author: Suumit Shah

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