All of us came across transferring the files from one android smartphone to another certain times. So normally people using cell phones in India use Bluetooth for doing so, but today we are explaining here, how we can transfer the files from one android phone to another over wifi, yes we’re talking about one amazing android app: Flash Transfer, that lets this happen. This app provides a file-sharing functionality to your smartphone using Wi-Fi tethering. It can be used to easily connect to another android smartphone and then transfer apps, images or any other files you may want to. We all have to agree that it is indeed a clever way to transfer data faster, given the slow speed at which Bluetooth works. It does not make use of data plans on your mobile network.


Though similar apps already exist in the market, what defines Flash Transfer is its unique style of sharing files, it is apparently called as Swipe & Share. It was made popular by the Indian manufacturer Micromax in their smartphones like Micromax Bolt A35 and Ninja A27. It allows gestures equivalent to swiping to share photos, which seems more like magic rather than a useful feature. There is also a shake and share feature.

It’s simple enough to configure and use, that once you open the Flash Transfer app on your phone or use the Swipe & Share option from the Gallery or File Manager, you can invite someone to share with. This invite appears in the form of a QR code which need to be scanned by the receiving party on their device to get connected. Once done, both phones can simply share any number of files or apps that they want without any data charges. Since this app is exclusively found in Micromax devices only, it is not available in Play Store. We have extracted this app from Micromax phones, you may download it from this link: Flash Transfer app.

Installing Flash transfer :

  • Download the RAR file from the link.
  • Extract the APK from the RAR file using the password “droidbeans”.
  • Copy this APK file to your phone’s SD card.
  • Make sure that you have allowed for Installation from Unknown Sources in your device. If not, do so from your Settings->Applications submenu.
  • Open your phone’s File Manager and then open the APK file to install it normally.

Once the installation finishes, you will be able to see the Flash Transfer App in your app drawer and gallery sharing options.

Author: Suumit Shah

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