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What does it cost to build an iPhone 6?
September 22
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Recently Apple unveiled its latest iPhone, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This new phone features a bigger screen and the updated iOS 8. These new features also come with a new higher price for consumers with unlocked phones coming in around $600. You may be wondering how much of that $600 price tag actually goes towards manufacturing, parts and how much does it cost Apple?

Increasing Demand of Clone Applications and Websites
September 02
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Increasing Online Marketplaces in 2014
August 25
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Abnormal Weather Stimulates Mobile Phone Signal Boosters
August 20
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August 01
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Ruby language related posts are featured here.

Top 20 PHP Interview Questions and Answers
August 30
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Here we have covered the most frequently asked questions in a PHP Interview and their expected answers. An essential read for all PHP enthusiasts and if you have more questions, please ask.

Why Ruby Programming?
August 11
Ruby Programming

Ruby programming has become a favorite language for many programmers, mainly because it is dynamic and highly flexible. Also, it has been uniquely designed to deliver the most ideal balance between simplicity and power. Is it for you?

Well, is Ruby Programming For You?
August 06
Ruby Programming

Since its debut in the world of programming in 1995, ruby programming has become a top choice for most computer programmers today. With ruby, a programmer is certainly able to write better coding, while improving productivity.